Houston based teacher,author, and now lifestyle blogger, Portia Phillips of  Things Shared Among Friends strives to empower women and men to be their best selves by acknowledging their flaws and embracing their truth. With candid thoughts and glimpses into her personal life, Portia shares her passion for loving well, living well,  and  learning about herself and others as she continues her path of self discovery.
"I have had the absolute pleasure of meeting different women, and men from various walks of  life and I found  those conversations to be at times very intoxicating. I discovered that shared thoughts, ideas, stories, and emotions,  experienced through deep conversations have the ability affect different elements of a persons life." says Phillips. 
It is her hope that through this platform she can share portions these conversations, and perhaps spark new and interesting ones among her readers. "The art of language and conversing, the look of  intrigue and passion on the face of willing participants in your life is being lost in this new society." says Phillips. She strives to renew those connections through Things shared Among Friends, and encourage readers to go out continue the conversations. 


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